Hortencia Calderon-morales


Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Calderon-Morales



I have been working for the El Paso Independent School District for 12 years. I really enjoy working here at Guillen because I can identify with some of the students since I was an ESOL student. This is why I decided to become a bilingual teacher.  I have high expectations for my students as well as myself.  I believe that students and teachers need to have a strong bond in order to be successful.  I as a teacher, teach my students and they produce for me.  If my students are successful so am I, with this in mind, I am always there for them so we reach that success.

Class Expectations

  • Students are expected do their best.
  • Students are to be on task at all times.
  • Students are to respect peers, teacher, and themselves.
  • Students are expected to speak English at all times,

Conference Time
12:35 - 1:13
after 2:50