Jorge Pena


         In guitar class we from will learn from basic to advance technique for using this great instrument, harmonies and melodies will bring music to life by learning chords and individual notes. Each person has a unique style that can contribute to music and to the class, by working hard we will reach high goals. Everyone is welcome to participate in concerts and events presented in Guillen and other facilities, a great way of gaining experience in the music arts. All grades are welcome!!

I graduated from EPCC with an Associate of Arts and from UTEP with Bachelors in Multidisciplinary with concentration in Piano Performance and Social Studies. I have participated in music events and local festival performing here in El Paso Tx  and Juarez Chih

It is important for students to follow the class room rules and procedures, Being respectful to others, bringing materials, and being ready to work hard are necessary for our success as a class!!

     If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me or stop by in  room 87 my  
     conference period is from 9:25-10:14 am

Class Room expectations

   1. Be on time and ready to work

   2. Bring Materials to class

   3. Be respectful to teacher and students

   4. Finish work every day

   5. Raise your hand and wait for approval to speak